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Notice: These pages are no longer maintained and/or contain outdated information – Please refer to the official upstream LTSP-Wiki for current. Official Ubuntu Documentation Site. Application Documentation. Gnome Documentation Library LTSP Documentation. LTSP Manual ยท Manual page for Introduction. LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project. It allows you to set up a diskless workstation environment with not much effort. The Edubuntu DVD ships .

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To minimise the time needed, deactivate things like local cache in browsers you can use the Squid proxy cache installed on tjener instead and save files into the H: How this is done you decide later on. To choose another window manager, install it on the server and put the following in the LTSP configuration file replace Fluxbox with the chosen window manager. Now you have to move your clients from the Refer to your computer’s manual for further details or feel free to ask us for further assistance.

This site is kept for archive purposes only. LTSP is a flexible, cost effective solution that is empowering schools, businesses, and organizations all over the world to easily install and deploy thin clients. Start Concepts All the concepts of thin client computing on one page.

Diskless workstation A diskless workstation runs all software locally. The Linux Terminal Server Project is a collection of scripts and documentation to create a cluster of thin clients. If you want to help editing, consult the Help page for some quick starting pointers. This will be included in the ,tsp release 5. Calling ltsp-update-kernels with a different tftproot location:. The nbdswapd allows clients to use swap dcumentation through a NBD.


A special service called Samba, installed on the docmuentation tjener, enables Windows clients to store profiles and user data, and also authenticates the users during the login. For instance, an entire client chroot environment is built with a single command: Warning This is deprecated.

This can be used to automatically unmerge packages at the end of the client build. The source file is in English and is called smb-roaming-profiles-en.

Raspi-LTSP Documentation

This page has been accessedtimes. No more needing to purchase s of SD cards for a single school, just need enough for 1 class set.

If NFS is going to be used to serve the chroot environments, make sure to compile it in as well and reboot afterwards. But first ask the authors see the history of those pages to find them if they are fine with moving the howto and putting it under the GPL. If you understand Lltsp, http: This can documentaiton done by setting one of the different provided build profiles.

First, before the client install, configure the initramfs-builder for using Dracut. All clients get their image from the same server, which causes high loads on the server if many clients are booted at the same time. Be aware that the new group policy tools, gpedit.

LTSP Live Howto | Edubuntu

This means that this machine boots from a diskette or directly from the server using network-PROM or PXE without using a local client hard drive. Also you can remove the build time dependencies in the chroot by chrooting into the client chroot and executing the following command. Note When having to perform ltsp-build-client again, it is recommended to first copy the downloaded stage outside the chroot and docuumentation the ltsp-build-client command to it, so it won’t have to be downloaded again.


Resources Lots of links for background ltxp syslinux, nbd, pulseaudio etc.

One can also add host specific entries in LDAP. That was easy, wasn’t it? Examples of documentationn to exclude are: Browse our success stories to learn more about deployments or share your story with the community.

Following a whole series of meetings for our new homepage and wiki, we decided to have public meetings from now on. In both cases the Kerberos setup would have to be changed, too. Also, our public meetings are archived here. The Ubuntu project encourages and welcomes participation of ltsl in the project. The directories are internationalised and must be written in your own language the way they are in the profile.

Introduction to LTSP

Managing roaming profiles Dodumentation profiles contain user work environments which include desktop items and settings. Troubleshooting Guide to different kinds of problems you can encounter. For each architecture the first build takes up the most time eocumentation binary packages are created from source in the first run. LTSP is backed and supported by an active community. By default clients in the separate subnet If lots of LTSP clients are used or if different LTSP servers should serve both i and amd64 chroot environments the second preconfigured network