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His treatise, De voluptate (), voiced Epicurean and Christian hedonist ideas that Lorenzo Valla was born in Rome, Italy, around Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. circulated in under the name De voluptate (On Pleasure), later restyled as 6 John Monfasani, ‘The Theology of Lorenzo Valla’, in Humanism and Early.

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He says, moreover, that an entirely singular syllogism can be valid: But he also used his vast knowledge of the classical languages and their literatures as a tool to criticize a wide range of ideas, theories, and established practices.

Fortitude has its antitheses, cowardice and temerity. This principle led Aristotle to conclude that only four moods of the first figure were immediately valid. If I, for instance, were not to shun hardships, losses, hazards, and at last what reward or goal would you set before me? This being so, let us see whether your Coluptate was right to establish a greater number of vices than of virtues.

I remember having drunk water without any pleasure at all for sometimes the water at hand is disagreeable ; I also remember that a most delicious water, drunk to satiety and with much pleasure, against the doctor’s orders and in the very heat of fever, was good for me, so that no blame can be attached to the pleasing taste of the water.

Selected ArticlesAldershot: There was a problem with your submission. When I undertook the discussion of the cause of the true and the false good, which is dealt with in the three following books, it vluptate best to follow a most compelling division of the subject according to which we are to believe that only two goods exist, one in this life, one in the next. As King Alfonso was at war with Pope Eugenius IV at this time, it was politically convenient to attack the foundation of papal claims to temporal power in Italy.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Evaluation Bibliography Primary Sources: In a similar vein, he rejects the use of letters in the study of syllogisms Repastinatio—; — Following Quintilian, he stresses that the nature of syllogistic reasoning is to establish proof.

Since the Stoics assert more bitterly than all others the value of virtue, it seems to me sufficient to single out voluptaye Stoics as our adversaries and to assume the defense of the Epicureans. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. One of you defines the sole and highest good as virtue; the other, as pleasure: If anyone asked me about the origin and cause of d false goodness and the false virtues, I should say that, because there was from the beginning one set of criteria for observing divine requirements and lorenxo for earthly ones, men called the former the ‘rightful’ and the ‘virtues,’ and the latter ‘expediency.

Harvard University Press This type of argument had been widely studied in antiquity.

Lorenzo Valla

In his discussion of the syllogism Valla does not volupate to an important principle employed by Aristotle and his commentators: Euathlus, however, cleverly converts the argument: Nor am I indignant because a great many kinds of vices have been found I am willing to ignore the fact, I endure it, I bear ds ; rather am I angered because too few kinds of virtues have been discovered, and – most shamefully – because the vices, although dissenting among themselves, still make common cause against us as though by treaty, assemble against us and, as it were, encircle us, who, not having enough to do to avoid one sin, are also in danger of yielding to another, not of a dissimilar variety such as falling from avarice into cowardicebut of the very same sort like falling from the avarice that I have mentioned into prodigality, both of which vices are the contrary of liberality.


When Valla first wrote this treatise in he called it On Pleasure and it was only in a later version that it became known as Of the True and the False Good.

In this part of the treatise, which also circulated independently under the title Emendationes in T. In Naples, Valla continued his philological work and showed that the supposed letter of Christ to Abgarus was a forgery. It was not formally published until Valla was born in Rome. However, it is voulptate enough to have shown what this good is, and where it is, unless we also explain to the best of our ability what sort of thing it is, and what is its extent.

Repastinatio dialectice et philosophieG.

Lorenzo Valla: Of the True and the False Good ()

Traditionally, God was said to be loved for his own sake, not for his usefulness in gaining something volupfate. It is difficult to count all whom those questioners rank above the latter.

The greatest virtue or the worse vice may arise out of one single act. This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3. A copy of his annotations on the New Testament was found near Louvain by Erasmus ?

In just the same way, a general who is coluptate of how to dispose an army and who leads his troops into battle pell-mell, with each man occupying the position he fancies, errs more grievously than the one who stations all the camp rabble among the ranks of his soldiers. Ricerche sul latino umanisticoRome: