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This story based on magic realism shows the power of love and sweetness of life. It captures the gratitude of the children toward their parents. Flax-Golden Tales Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu Four Levels of Interactions Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone ( – ) For: BA/BBS First Year. Life is Sweet at Kumansenu – Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone (). Literal Comprehension. The story is about a family in a small African.

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Since many scientific discoveries are taking suddenly and in random experiments. I like this 0. Sweft believe that the ability to read and comprehend is by far the most important skill that anyone can ever learn. No I will try to save myself from such events. At the same time, she also presents the facts after facts which make her essay more appealing and convincing. He changed his mind toward the drama.

The most startling question is that of the statues. Education is not something we should gain out of memorizing. Despite all these, the story is tilted towards throwing a satire on education system based on memory that of Mexico in the 19th century.

But the son stopped her saying that he wanted to share his happiness with his family members only. So far the essay presents the ideas on environmental problems and issues, it is very appreciative in a sense that it warns the people and makes them conscious for the swest of the environment.

Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Svetlovidov then recalls the dialogues he had spoken and the character he had played. Critical Thinking But don’t write points in exam, write in paragraphs After reading this story, we can find some disagreeable points. The conclusion of the argument begins at Line 33 with “Now therefore.

She had given birth of five sons but none of them had survived. Preserved carefully or skillfully. He wanted to find out its sensitiveness. This story reminded me my villagers who believe that after death spirit, comes to house and scares the people much like Nepali superstitious people the people of Africa believe on spirit, rebirth and such thing.


Customs are human responses to material necessity. Throughout the story Riva Palacio tells us that the teacher, Don Lucas, considers him a long suffering martyr, only enduring the lessons each day. In “To His Coy Mistress,” the word appears to be a synonym for lady or sweetheart.

We have not been worried about the forth coming danger due to our activities although we have been warned about it.

Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

Thus, in conclusion we can us that this African-Culture base story is really about the power of love and the gratitude of children to their parents. At that time Mrs. And, it was because of her great decision there were her daughter in law and granddaughter as the support of her old age. She stresses repeatedly that there should not be any political play of power and personal power on the issues of environment in which the life of new generation itself is associated.

When we cannot achieve any one of these we may be lost in pain. The girl was surprised because she could not see her father’s shadow, he was very transparent and his watch had stopped at twelve o’clock. The beauty of the village had been further increased by the lines of thatched roofed houses of the village. Other early visitors estimated the island swset at 2, When early settlers arrived, they likely found a heavily forested and fertile land abundant in food and other resources.

The old widow asked why he had been there without information.

But time and tide wait for no one. Presenting such ideas, the essayist is appealing to all to preserve the environment.


Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

Therefore, the author used a unique setting to describe the theme of the story. But the essayist only concerns on the destruction and only destruction. There was dollars in the envelope. The spiritual aspect given in the story is unacceptable in this scientific age. Sections of this page. Several month passed by Lucas would have forgotten about the parrot. Erupts, breaks out, emits, gives off. And the aweet they stood on were up to feet long and 10 feet tall, and weighed up to 10 tons.

Experiment should not be random. Enter your email address: The text being a piece of a study of environment centers on the environmental problem. But the people of Easter Island had to contend with a much more serious issue: Mandala it Solution Computer Company. My Aunt Rita, even though she lived across the country in California, would always ask me what I was reading any time she wrote to me or talked to ukmansenu on the phone.

Life is Sweet at Kumansenu by Dana Garth on Prezi

People also took to living in caves for protection against enemies and the elements. Please note that while we value your input, we cannot respond to every message. The vast differences detailed encourage readers to think about how lucky they are, and also to pick up a book! Ramsay, he said that the chain was really original. We are neglecting the nature we are living in and we are not able even to save the nature as our ancestors.

The lessons taught in the story are all about memorization and all of the students parroting back what is said to them.