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relevance to modern jazz musicians. Through transcription analysis of two of Tristano’s compositions, Lennie’s Pennies and East 32nd Street as well as Line. In the buildup to the transcriptions class I’m teaching at The Nash Allan Chase taught a course on Charlie Parker and Lennie Tristano. I first heard about Lennie Tristano’s famous improvisation over “All of I’ll try to keep C, Bb, and Eb versions available for future transcriptions.

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In the following examples, three different dominant chords are changed by using the bass note a tritone away, keeping all other notes in place.

Here, Tristano uses D major pentatonic trishano for two beats over Db major, then repeats the phrase up a semitone, releasing the tension by playing inside the root key. He executes this fast line with precision, starting with two beats of triplets in three, then five groups of 4 notes of triplets. The bottom note was to also create a simple melody when possible.

Ultimately, Tristano had students write out their own solos, helping to solidify their ideas and practices. Did you triwtano fun? Proudly powered by WordPress. A best essay writing service site can help you for more information. Students were encouraged to be able to produce an equal and meaningful feeling in every note, which required having full facility of independent fingering technique.

Tristano instructed that scales lrnnie to be played with feeling, and that notes played should really sink into the keyboard, and to hear each note fully and cleanly. It is rristano often done to superimpose the harmony of the key a semitone above or below, before returning to the actual key of the current harmony. Tristano then uses arpeggiation based on the B-6 maj7which could be heard as a downward side-step from the previous Cmin11 arpeggiation.


Tristano expanded the harmonic vocabulary of jazz improvisation with this album. And I need to stain or finish my end pin. The second one, a C major 9 arpeggio, resolves the tension of the D transcriptuon 7 flat 5, flat 9 arpeggio.

Lennie Tristano Plays “All the Things You Are” | Adam Roberts Music

By the end of his high school years, Tristano had studied the piano, cello and orchestra in great depth, and learned to tune pianos. Example 42 possible triads from C major harmony. This results in a uniformed but logical way of outlining the altered notes of the F7 chord, including the final Bdim7 arpeggio.

They would lejnie be harmonically dense and rhythmically intense.

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Shim, This fueled his interest in, and approach at teaching music, which would become the central focus of his life and career. After playing two bars inside the key of Ab, Tristano side-steps up a semitone by starting a phrase using the A major pentatonic scale over the Db7 trascription.

When shifting in or out of a given key, he often changes the direction of the line, uses repeated phrase lengths, and accents notes, playing the phrases in a specific rhythmic pattern.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Once a melody was learned, it could then be the driving trisstano behind how you approach the improvisation.

There is so little of the great mans music avalible. The same as telling a story, it should have a beginning, middle and end, and an appropriately timed climax, characterized by high notes, bigger intensity, tgistano more rhythmic variation. This solo gives us two choruses packed with detail.


Much of the seventies stuff if on an amazing level. The ability to clearly imagine melody in a harmonic framework would guarantee that the information was internalized, rather than just intellectualized for the sake of the current situation.

I love the tasteful places where Lee and Warne stop to breath. Example Instead of resolving to Bb major or minor, an extended harmonic progression is created.

I need to smile.

A student should arrive at the point that with or without the recording playing he can reasonably sing the solo. Tristano emphasized the importance of playing with evenness ttristano consistency, in order to have full control over articulation. On beat 1, it begins with the rranscription of F, and continues upward, hitting the 5th, flat 7th, 9th, sharp 11th, 13th and finally the root, which is accented, outlining the highest point in the line. The focus was always on finding and recreating the feeling or essence of the music, through the body by singing, which Tristano insisted could not be discovered by reading it on paper.

It takes three bars for the polyrhythmic cycle to repeat.

InTristano took a position teaching at the Axel Christensen School of Popular Music, and was given permission to teach with his own methods.