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Special Eng multi-comics .. Only Indrajal Comics posts by Members are shared at this blog, please visit to read other posts. Mandrake The Magician. Mandrake Special (Indrajal Comics 45). Only Hindi scans of these RARE IJC # & # are available at present. Reprinted English version. Indrajal Comics began publishing self-titled monthly issues in March Each of the first 10 issues had 16 pages of Phantom comics. The stories had to be.

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In January a Gujarati and a Tamil edition came, and a Bengali edition in Many coming posts are announced. His hat, cloak and wand, passed down from his father Theron, possess great magical properties which in time Mandrake learns how to use. Which is why we were delighted to see the Phantom, Mandrake and many of their Indrajal Comics cast back in their original form in the digital world. Sorry for not commenting since many times, but i couldn’t get time to go thoroughly all through this Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But what the heck, to quote The Carpenters, it is yesterday once more.

Indrajal Comics

They were hoarded, borrowed, lent and fought over for decades. Although Mandrake publicly works as a stage magician, he spends much of his time fighting criminals and combatting supernatural entities. Retrieved from ” http: Some more are coming.


Madrake began publication on June 11, Mandrake the Magician is a syndicated newspaper comic strip, created by Lee Falk before he created The Phantom. We would like to stress, however, that you read them on the Kindle app and not on the Kindle e-book reader, as the e-book reader cannot display colour, which kind of kills the fun of reading these gems.

It apparently did start downloading last night then just stopped! Mandrake is a magician whose work is based on an unusually fast hypnotic technique. Then an Arabic version ina Kannada from issuea Malayalam version from issue and then a Telugu version.

The English edition of “The Witches abode” has already posted, but it appears as if the scan of the book was from a later IJC reprint and the cover coimcs the original. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Any chance I can get this sent by email to comjcs colinmufc hotmail.

Not sure,hotmail will accept mb file or not.

Mandrake | Indrajal Comics

The strip is distributed by King Features Syndicate. And then they disappeared, having entertained millions, giving way to newer heroes.

I still can’t understand it myself. Ajay has scanned reprinted version posted in this blog on 15th May too. Posted by PBC on Monday, January 05, All these are coming soon.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I checked, it was working. One of your demanded comics is coming in few hours.

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Indrajal Online

Our recommendation is to download the Kindle app on your smartphone or computer the app is available for iOSAndroid and Windows, so you are pretty well coveredbuy the books or just download a few free samples and then sit back and read.

Thnks Ajay and u too Prabhat for providing these gems. You are commenting using your WordPress. Thanks a lot for your great work. Thanks for your support. The stories in the first issues was King Comics stories and later daily and Sunday stories.

Preeti 15 January at Colonel Worobu 6 January at It will take you back in time. The different language versiones were sometimes released with a different periodicity than the main editions.

Prabhat’s Books and Comics 15 January at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Of course, that only made them more popular. But due to his busy schedule unable to post.

Missing Phantom and Mandrake?

manerake I know which are missing, but like to recheck. We are delighted to see the Phantom, Mandrake and many of their Indrajal Comics cast back in their original form in the digital world. This site uses cookies. Issues and were never published due to an industrial strike.