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I wanted to take my first step and learn the kana. Kana are the two syllable based Japanese writing systems, the hiragana and the katakana. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m new to the sub. Has anyone used this booklet before? Is it effective? I’m currently using memrise. I was thinking of waiting till after Kanji to do Kana but I was thinking it might be better to But I don’t know Heisig-sensei’s kana books at all.

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Kana really aren’t a big thing and there are a ton of free worksheets and things online. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Remembering the Kana with sounds

Englishwith translations into Spanish and German. Remembering the Kana by James W. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The idea of throwing these in groups is amazing helpful since it clusters what one needs to learn. While I think it does make some sense to learn kana first so you can use it immediately and all the things cure dolly said I don’t think it makes much difference one way or the other.

If you’re really focused for a few hours, you can get through both hiragana and katakana in a day even don’t do it all at once though At least part of that I’d guess is that they are used to dealing with characters. As it happens, I had just taught or, re-taught, as it was myself hiragana and katakana before obtaining this book, so I didn’t use it for studying the two.

So waiting a few months to start learning Japanese isn’t a huge thing for me. Great, now I can sound out my Sailor Moon manga and use context clues to figure out the complex story full of mature themes like shopping, losing weight, and falling on your goddamn face every time something surprises you.


This is to encourage the student to use the stories as practice for creating their own. If you are struggling learning the kana or have the feeling that your method is not as effective as it could be, maybe the book is a good fit for you too.

Remembering the Kana by James W. Heisig

It saved me a tremendous amount of time! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lucky I didn’t try to patent it! Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. I’m really amazed by this book, and am looking forward to my work in Remember the Kanji. The course teaches the student to utilize all the constituent parts of a kanji’s written form—termed “primitives”, combined with a mnemonic device that Heisig refers to as “imaginative memory”.

You can learn kana for free. Sep 30, Rashy rated it it was amazing. The only reason Kna didn’t vote it as low as possible is because heiisg did help me learn a few of the characters. Romaji is an entirely unnecessary crutch that should be avoided. Once you speak the words out loud you will most likely understand their meanings.

I’d say more than 3 hours each, but no more than 7. If there is kanji, that is what Rikaisama is for. I could also start searching by pronunciation in eg.

Remembering the Kana

Honestly, I would look up this book on Amazon and read a few pages of heiwig excerpts and see how much they help you. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I’ve been really sloppy with my writing. Paperbackpages. Nu as a noodle falling out of the food bowl.


This book will help you teach yourself the writing and reading of all 46 characters each of Japanese hiragana and katakana syllabary from memory. However, in cases where the reader may be easily confused or for difficult kanji, Heisig often provides a small story or hint. It goes along really well hwisig the RTK books, and you may even be allowed to skip some lessons since you will be familiar with the stroke orders.

Or, you can take a week, or a month.

The first part, learning the hiragana, was pretty useful. If you like to be busy with something consider also Japanese calligraphy. I felt like I was a wizard, and already somewhat familiar with Japanese even before I could formulate a sentence. The katakana are used for writing foreign loan words, names, etc. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Subscribe to this thread View heiwig Printable Version.

Regarding OP’s exact question, I don’t believe there is much practical difference learning kana first, last heixig in parallel. It’s inevitable that there will be some confusion between them, but learning them in parallel is sure to exacerbate the situation.

Much of the advice I’ve read about RTK is that you “waste” a few hundred hours up front but it really pays off in the future. Instructions at the bottom of each page will ask you to skip backwards and forwards through the book, following the best “learning order.