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Really been thinking of running this story for my 5e group after OotA. Get the book and do what I need to in order to convert it up to 5e. I’d. I made a conversion document for The Great Modron March from 2nd Edition AD&D Planescape to 5th Edition D&D. It’s up for free on the DM. The Great Modron March is an event that occurs once every Great Cycle (a period of time equal to years, or 17 cycles of the largest gear of.

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My advice is not to start with the Great Modron March. There are thousands of people here.

Power Score: The Great Modron March – The Modron Judge

Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. The party must escape of be trapped within the dungeons of Undermountain.

I am the one to blame for the more warped-looking higher level ones. Originally Posted by UltimaGabe.

What exactly is the Great Modron March?

Base modrons were organized from 1-sided single-function monodrone spheres to 5 stilt-legged pentadrone starfish that could, for whatever reason, emit paralysis gas and levitate.

Much of the module is about trying to find out the dark of what’s going on [SPOILER]which isn’t actually revealed until the sequel module, Dead Gods, in which it turns out that an “undead” god, Tenebrous the shade of Orcus slew Primus and usurped his position, and began the march in an attempt to use the Modrons to find his lost wand I bet one of them will figure out why the modrons are marching early.

Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Chris Perkins is the Dungeon Master for the amazing group of adventurers now known as the Making a contact in one or more of the factions will probably be sufficient to give them the info they need and it will allow you to have the person unavailable if the PCs start abusing the resource – and it will provide a source of potential adventures “I’ll tell you all about the Beastlands; but first, I need you to make a delivery for the faction” Personally, my favorite module is “Dead Gods” which I strongly recommend but NOT as an in-between adventure like you are planning.


The chief inhabitants of this plane were the modrons — and they lived in a rigid caste system under the absolute rule of Primus and look, another rock-‘n’-roll connection.

What exactly is the Great Modron March? Any caster within 40 feet of a harginn who casts a spell with the fire descriptor must succeed on a DC 15 caster level check or have the spell fail.

It otherwise functions as a polymorph any object spell. My advice is start small.

If you’re looking for maps, you can always comb through the Cartographers’ Guild forum and see if mqrch there catches your fancy. Telepathy Su Valran can communicate telepathically with any creature within 44 miles with which he shares a common language. The purpose of the trip is to gather as much information for Primus, the supreme Modron hierarch, as they can.

The adventures increase in difficulty as the modrons make their way around modon Great Ring, and the anthology nature allows the march to be a background event for an entire Planescape campaign, with the GM able to leave weeks or even months of game time in between each encounter with the walking polygons. Spells Sp An arcanaloth casts spells as a 12th-level sorcerer, but does not have a bloodline.

In this adventure, the modrons set out on their great planar migration, yet they have started it inexplicably early.

I’ve tallied up all the points for this thread, and consulted with the debate judges, and the verdict is clear: Grrat towns, planning modrron, have constructed a large road for the modrons to cross over, to attempt to have the whole army pass by without causing too much ironically chaos. Don’t neglect to read through. The second adventure The Unswerving Path is for levels and is more for thinkers and diplomats.


At least our group had a blast playing through it. The square meets a sphere from the higher dimension of Spaceland, prompting him to ask what further dimensions there might be of which creatures from Spaceland would be entirely ignorant.

The party must save a nymph whose pool is contaminated by the March. Originally Posted by superstrijder Though agreements have been made about the chosen path between marches, once the march begins they cannot mmodron diverted from the path that has been determined for them before their outset.

Adventure six Law in Chaosrated for levelshas the heroes leading a group of modrons through Limbo while facing githyanki modrob slaad. Greg offered the following candidates for the audience’s voting pleasure roll over for information on each.

The tridrone was described but not statted out. By 3rd Edition, the modrons had been almost replaced.

The quadrone and up were just names. No need to push yourself into something that you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with for the sake of the setting or module you’re running. Ya, treat one product that has several adventures that all revolove around the Mondron March From what I can tell, though, Xaositects are all completely insane.

the great modron march

During this time, a horde of over 10, modrons emerges from the gate of Automatamaking its way around the Great Modeon until eventually returning to Mechanususually numbering a mere few dozens upon its return.

Although diminished, modrons were not forgotten. Doors to the Unknown – Guile’s World. Twenty-four hours before the egg fully matures, the victim falls extremely ill to all ability scores, to a minimum of 1.