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USER MANUAL. C-MAG MAGAZINE. SYSTEM. M / FN MINIMI The C-MAG Magazine M/FN MINIMI is a. round ammunition magazine, manufac-. FN Minimi – Belgian-made version of basic machine gun. The Flip-up dust covercloses the magazine port when it is not in use, serving also as a belt guide. The FN MINIMI is a gas actuated long-stroke piston system LMG firing The gas valve is manually adjustable with two positions: normal and.

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As part of the U. When magazine is in place, this cover raises up and closes the belt-way to avoiddual feeds and jams. The Mk3 configuration is only available with the hydraulic buffer. The lead core is to manal a breach into obstacles, which then the copper core penetrates behind.

Spent casings minumi removed through a port located at the bottom of the right side of the receiver, protected from debris with a spring-loaded dust cover.

The barrel is locked with a rotary boltequipped with two massive locking lugs, forced into battery by a helical camming guide in the bolt carrier. Quite recently, an SPW version was developed, which featured a Para-type buttstock, a barrel of intermediate length between standard and Paramodelsand a Picatinny-type rail mount, which allows a wide variety of sights and scopes to be mounted.

FN MINIMI 5.56x45mm Light Machine Gun

The long barrel and the short barrel have different shaped flash suppressors. The Illustrated Directory of 20th Century Guns. The belt is moved in two stages during both the forward and rearward movement of the reciprocating bolt carrier, which provides for a smooth and continuous feeding cycle.


The adjustable-height 3 positions bipod, when folded back, integrates into the shape of the hand guard even with an accessory on the lower rail. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Canadian American Strategic Review.

FN Mnaual — Belgian-made version of basic machine gun. Press release via army-technology. The barrel is locked with a rotary boltequipped with two massive locking lugs, forced into battery by camming guides in the bolt carrier.

Both the standard and Para variants are equipped with a fixed, folding bipod mounted to the gas tube and stowed under the handguard. A variant of the Minimi 7.

Sincethe Norwegian-Finnish company Nammo has supplied a revised lead-free 5. The LMG is capable of delivering a large volume of effective fire which complements the effectiveness of all squad weapons across the spectrum of infantry operations.

Views Read Edit View history. Our job is to reach these groups and tailor content to their interests while producing a publication that is applicable to an international audience. The piston rod acts against the bolt carrier, which begins its rearward motion guided on two rails welded to the receiver walls, while the bolt itself remains locked.

Retrieved 16 May The barrel is locked with a rotary bolt equipped with two massive locking lugs. Small Arms Survey The sight can also be corrected for windage. The folding bipod is mounded under the gas chamber, and the gun has provisions for tripod or vehicle mountings.


Retrieved on July 29, The hooded front sight is installed in a post on the gas block and is also adjustable for elevation and windage. The version for the Norwegian Defense. The FN Minimi short for French: It is an air-cooled weapon that is capable of fully automatic fire only.

FN MINIMI x45mm Light Machine Gun

The Minimi has a manually adjustable gas valve with two positions, normal and adverse. Note the lack of the heat shield above the barrel,and the tubular buttstock. The FN Minimi has an excellent reputation on reliability and firepower, and the latest reports on failures ofM SAW weapons in Iraq are attributed to the age of the weapons used — most ofthe current issue M in US Army minjmi more than 10 years old and quite worn out.

The hooded front sight is installed in a post on the gas block and is also adjustable for elevation and windage. The upgrades were based on operational experience and user feedback over the past 10—15 years. Army as M Retrieved 27 December Dror Negev Negev NG7.