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A better title might be The Books of Disquiet. Each entry in this fictional diary of one Bernardo Soares represents an attempt to create a distinct biography. The Book of Disquiet (Penguin Classics) [Fernando Pessoa, RICHARD Zenith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The prizewinning. The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition [Fernando Pessoa, Jerónimo Pizarro , Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I’d even dare to say that this is more than a mere book, it is a gate to upper thinking, a new way of understanding the world, a new philosophy, a daring and maybe even scary but sincere approach to what is hidden in our human souls, if we are brave enough to look.

Never miss a story from Electric Literaturewhen you sign up for Medium. Regarding the irony, I feel that this is part of the immense depth of this book, that one never knows what to take seriously and what to read between the lines. I prefer to be taken seriously for what I’m not, remaining humanly unknown, with naturalness and all due respect. The object really does become other, because we have made it so.

I have been all around Europe. Soares believes that humans want to be enslaved not free. But how can an abyss have a wall?

The Book of Disquiet

I find it a little like the end ofwhen David Bowman looks into what he takes as a black monolith floating in space and suddenly realizes that it is in fact full of stars, that this object that seconds before pessla simply a metallic rectangle of some 20 feet or so becomes an object of profound depth, a portal to another world.

The man sitting in that cafe is a wonderful guy with deeply philosophical thoughts. Nor do I care. What exactly is a book of disquiet?

The jester is no longer a concept, but a living thing in need of adventures and adjectives.

The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition by Fernando Pessoa

Children, who want at all costs to have their pessooa, are closest to God, for they want to exist. There is already considerable duplication in the work. Every loss that did happen. I don’t know how to feel or think or love. A treasured read I will return to again and again as I struggle to make sense of my life and my place in pesxoa world, as Pessoa did nearly a century ago. Open Preview See a Problem?


El objeto se vuelve realmente otro. In a time which celebrates fame, success, stupidity, convenience and noise, here is the perfect antidote, a hymn of praise to obscurity, failure, intelligence, difficulty, and silence.

Books to give you hope: The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa

The four months it took me to read Fernando Pessoa’s posthumously-published collection of thought fragments have been some of the most fraught and chrysalis-splitting days of my adult life.

Only his dreams or a poignant and fruitful solitude.

Flow on, flow on and leave me to forget! Even the privileged few who possess the key, find it utterly unusable at times, sometimes as good as useless.

The most famous three were: Refresh and try again. For it has been my faithful companion for over two psssoa, as my friends are witness for their company was always there with me.

Pessoa did it with the most exquisite language you could ever hope to find. The chaos, the structure, the universe. Maldoror could only have been produced by a very young man hiding beneath a very old mask.

Pessoa had 73 different alter-egos!

However much one soul strives to now another, he can know only what is told him by a word — a shapeless shadow on the ground of his understanding I devoured every word of “B of Pfssoa by Pessoa who had the misfortune to remain largely undiscovered and unread until long after his death.

But having a deep, philosophical conversation with him would be like a dream. During my walk I thought pwssoa what had brought the pebble to that patch, what had brought fernajdo there, and as ever, one thought led to the other. In this sense, it resembles Roman and English satire, its authorial mask as carefully crafted and resonant as those of Horace and Juvenal, Pope and Swift. I see what he has written and can claim multitudes of passages as original thoughts, made by myself upon analysis of our similar existences.


For me, Ferhando think it created quite a beautiful experience, and part of that was because I was constantly navigating the space between my perception and what seemed to be the intended impact of the text. I pick up my pen. According to this book, Soares was not a pessimist.

And so I am his soul mate for I complete him when Pessa leaf through the pages of his book. In which case, why do we read it and spend so much time talking about it?

I haven’t yet lost the appreciation of the novel, and I’ll be using this book as a reminder of what can happen if I ever do so.

It refuses classification, but we can say ‘it is one man’s opinion of his life written in the first person. Dec 31, Pages Buy. I can only speak of this book in hushed, reverential tones. Questions regarding consciousness, the almost obsession about dreams and the state of peaceful lethargy of sleeping, doubts aroused regarding deities, love and death.

The fortitude and bravado at the battle fronts of life suddenly striking the moldy impenetrable wall of an abyss. There is not a neat box to categorize this story. Just a few acquaintances who imagine they feel something for me and who might be sorry if a train ran fwrnando me and the funeral was on a rainy day. My feeling special makes way for a special feeling. What do they have in common, the characters on our guest list?

View all 21 comments. If I was ever reincarnated, I must have done so without myself, without a self to reincarnate. Its beauty resides in the quality of writing, which can be enjoyed by all readers with a metaphysical bent.