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• US and Canada 1 • Latin America 1 . To connect most industry standard coupling hubs or flanges, gearboxes with. Fenner Tyre coupling is a “torsionally elastic” coupling offering versatility to designers and engineers with a choice of .. Catalogue Code Group Keyway. Tyre couplings provide all the desirable features of an ideal flexible coupling, including Grip-Lock fixing .. Catalogue Code Group .

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Fenner Tyre couplings provide all the desirable features of an ideal flexible coupling, including Taper-Lock fixing.

Taper Lock Dual Duty Pulleys, HRC Flexible Jaw Couplings, Fenner, Distributor, India

Catalogue Code Group Tyre coupling torsionally elastic rubber flexible couplings manufacturers HRC- series fenner interchangeable flexible shaft cushion couplings to sizes. In this Design Manual Fenner present a range of Shaft Couplings which enables Fenaflex coup,ing are available in natural rubber compounds for use in ambient Replacement elements for previously catalogued sizesand are.

Check from dimension tables that chosen flanges can accommodate required bores.

Fit flanges to the shafts placing the external clamp rings on the shafts. Catalouge Care Centres at: The use of shortened wrench will allow thisdimension to be reduced. Speed and power absorbed by driven machine if absorbed power is not known, calculate on power rating of prime mover.

FENNER HRC Elastomeric coupling hub type F for Taper Lock

The motor shaft is 60 mm diameter and the clupling shaft is 55 mm diameter. Thoroughly clean all components, paying particular attention to the removal of the protective coating in the bore of fennfr flanges.

G is the amount by which clamping screws need to be withdrawn to release tyre. Locate flanges so that dimension M2 is obtained see paragraph 3. Refer to table 3 page 5 and from the appropriate speed, read across until a power greater than that required in step b is found. Create your own flipbook. Fenner Tyre couplings can accommodate simultaneous maximum misalignment in all planes without imposing undue loads on adjacent bearings and the excellent shock-absorbing properties of the flexible tyre reduce vibrations and torsional oscillations 2.


Road, Miller Couplng, Ludhiana — Type of driven machine and operating hours per day. Shreeji House, 3rd Floor, Behind M.

The size of Fenner Tyre Coupling required is given at the head of that column. Flanges should be fitted flush with the end of the shaft when used with Mill-Motor flanges. The benefits of using Taperlock Bushes can be extended to include components which have a parallel bore byincorporating Taperlock Adaptors, Taperlock Bolt-on Hubs or Taperlock weld-on Hubs.

The arrangement of half-threaded holes and longitudinally split tapered bushes ensures maximum grip and fast, easyfitting. This gives the design power which is used as a basis for selecting the coupling. From table 1, the service factor is 1. Note that shaft ends may project beyond the faces of the flanges if required.

Fenner Tyre Couplings F 120 ,Fenaflex Tyre Coupling

All instructions in this manual musttherefore be followed carefully. The size of coupling is F Coupoing this event, allow sufficient spacebetween shaft ends for the float and misalignment. FennerType spacer couplings are primarily designed for the standard distance between shaft end dimensionsand mm. The split flexible tyre is then positioned in the flanges and the screws tightened intoplace.

Satisfactory performance depends on correct installation and maintenance.

Library, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad — With the addition of a spacer flange, the coupling can be used to accommodate standard distance between shaft catalogeu and facilitate pump maintenance. Dimensions are in millimetresM is the distance between flanges. Tighten clamping ring screws alternately and evenly half turn at a time working round each flange untill the required screw torque is achieved. Tyer allows free flow of electricity between the two tre to avoid staticelectricity build up.


DAMPINGReduces vibration and torsional oscillations developed in internal combustion engines, the fdnner of which increasesgreatly at critical points in the speed range.

Fenaflex Tyre Couplings

Neoprene rubber compounds are available for use in adverse operating conditions e. Fort, Mumbai — The flanges coypling available in either F or H version Taper Lock fitting or bored to size B With the addition of a spacer flange, the coupling can be used to accommodate standard distance between shaft ends and facilitate pump maintenance 1. With the addition of a spacer flange, the coupling can fatalogue used to accommodate standard distance between shaft endsand facilitate pump maintenance.

Taperlock Bushes are suitable for metric as well as imperial shafts.

Check angular alignment by measuring gap between flanges at several positions around the circumference. To ensure proper seating, it may be necessary to strike the outside diameter of the tyre with a small mallet. They can accommodate parallelmisalignment upto 6 mm, angular misalignment upto 4O and end float upto 8 mm.

Periodic venner inspection of the tyre is all that is necessary. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF fwnner.