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The Model (digital) updates a preferred scouting tool among treasure hunting enthusiasts to provide even better tuning using the digital tuner and the. Electroscope is an electronic locator similar to a metal detector but will recognize the presence of metals Model Digital Electroscope – FREE SHIPPING!. Today Electroscope offers a wide selection of long range instruments which not only Boasting separate gold and silver modes, the Model has a maximum .

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The also has a knob unlabled on the bottom of the box near the swivel handle, and the handle has a trigger switch, both of which were lacking on the The top of the control box is shown in Electroscops 2.

The schematic and full report is as follows, electrosocpe permission from the author: Today Electroscope offers a wide selection of long range instruments which not only eoectroscope treasure from a distance, but have the added ability to lead you to the spot, usually pinpointing it within a foot square.

In addition, there is a square block on top of the Phasor that contains a toroid transformer. The watch modules, if that is what they are, along with the “pass through” and dummy wiring, would make it virtually impossible to trace the potted modules using an X-Ray. From the magazine advertising and sales brochures, it is interesting that Afilani makes no claims that the Electroscopes will do anything useful at all.

Geotech – Technology for Treasure Hunting

The two circuit paths for the gold and silver modes are identical except for the mystery module, which does not do anything, so I’ve reduced the two paths down to one. In my opinion, this whole system is a fake and a fraud.

The epoxy modules eletroscope the “mystery module” are nothing but junk designed to dissuade casual inspection. The other module contained seven resistors mounted on a small piece of perfboard, along with several “pass through” wires. It doen’t appear to me to be a watch module, but it does appear to be surplus scrap. So in reality, the Model just offers a more high-tech look, while perfoming the exact same function: The circuitry in the Model mostly just drains the battery.


Highly discriminatory, the Regulator is a favorite among prospectors.

The antennas can leectroscope extended or retracted to achieve good control over the short range or maximum long range searching as per the operator requirements.

Also note that the “Tune” potentiometer does nothing at all because it is also part of an open circuit, unless a “module” is plugged into the “accessory jack”. In my opinion, anyone claiming this device will work as anything but an ordinary “dowsing rod” is either uninformed, a shill for Electroscope, or a liar. We believe these new System-B long-range locators will be valuable tools helping to accomplish our customer’s goals.

Also note the marker notations on the inside of the upper case. The Gravitator’s revolutionary new compact design makes it easy to transport into the field. Four other wires went into the module, however they were merely terminated in a blob of hot melt glue.

All Electroscope models can achieve depths from 15 to 30 feet deep on electroscoppe targets, 6 to 12 feet on medium targets, and surface up to 2 to 4 feet on small targets. I measured the current drain and it appears that, with nothing plugged into the jack in the handle, the battery only supplies current to the meter.

A small stud prevents a full degree rotation that would eventually break the sires from the switch and phone jack in the handle. Model Analog Since the Model has been used successfully by prospectors, cache hunters, nugget shooters and coin hunters.

The Model 20 is an excellent choice for the treasure hunter who needs a tool that had all around performance in the field. In elextroscope way can the manufacturer claim this device is a metal detector. The ten turn tuning knob is very precise and eletroscope the user finds that setting on either gold or silver, they can be confident to start scouting and treasure hunting.


When the Model digital is on but not balanced, it will power off to conserve the battery life. Easy to use, they plug directly into the jack at eldctroscope bottom of each unit. The additional controls do absolutely nothing more than this.

Besides the additional controls, there is one small module not contained in the Model 20, shown in Figure 4. The antenna system also becomes electrodcope tuning mechanism with the Pro-Spector as adjusting the antenna length in conjunction with the tuning knob setting will provide the most accurate tuning.

I opened both devices to examine them.

Metal Detector Distributors

Well, basically, more knobs and switches. We believe these new System-B long-range locators will be valuable tools helping to accomplish our customer’s goals. I did not attempt to trace the connections in the wlectroscope as it performs no function that I can determine.

The Regulator is the latest innovation by Electroscopes by Thomas that provides the operator with the ability to experiment with materials they want to detect.

Metal Detector Distributors

The Pro-Spector has separate gold or silver settings and digital tuning to adjust for optimum tuning with large, visible, numbers on the LCD screen, providing the user with a more intense attraction to the desired material in the field.

The display also features a electfoscope for low light conditions and a battery icon to show battery life. The LCD is backlit for low-light conditions for better customer visibility. The only function of the Model 20 was electrosckpe apply a DC voltage across the antennae. When one of the modules is plugged in, the “Tune” knob will vary how fast the battery drains.

On the outside, the has several additional controls, plus a meter.