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The government appointed the Eiselen Commission whose terms of reference were to inquire into and to report on all aspects of native. Werner Willi Max Eiselen (–) was a South African anthropologist and linguist. He was an ally and associate of Hendrik Verwoerd, the Minister of Native Affairs from – and the Prime Minister of South Africa from – He led the Eiselen Commission, an advisory board that investigated native. The Eiselen Commission was responsible for developing the guidelines for the creation of native schools, designing the appropriate curriculum, and ultimately.

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Etnografiese Studies in Suidelike Afrika. The archaeology of knowledge.

Apartheid Education and the Bantu Schools. These conmission same authorities were not given support. These institutions are synchronised with the state but not subordinate to it. Kuyper for a New Commissioh. As stated in the Senate Debates: These authorities had no real authority and were predominantly advisory bodies Horrel, Secondly, the state has an obligation to not leave the members of various social spheres to fend for themselves, but must intervene and protect them from exploitation within a particular sphere.

Ohio University Centre for International Studies. Secondary schools were soon staffed with either Bantu-speaking teachers, or Afrikaans-speaking Europeans.

Eiselen report – Research Paper Example :

The “sphere sovereignty” doctrine promotes the view that human life is “differentiated into distinct spheres”, each featuring “institutions with authority structures specific to those spheres” Wolterstorff, Minister of Native Affairs Dr.

In his writings, Kuyper explicated his views by explaining that the notion of ‘sovereignty in one’s own sphere’ broadly refers to institutions that comprise civil society. The extent to which the existing primary, secondary and vocational commssion system for Natives and training of Native teachers should be modified in respect of the content and form of syllabuses, in order to conform to the proposed principles and aims, and to commidsion Natives more effectively for their future occupations.


It recommended that the state took over the central control from the provinces and that the community take over local control from religious bodies Commisssion of South Africa, The Afrikaner-Broederbond ieselen born from a deep conviction that the Afrikaner nation has been planted in this comjission by God’s hand and is destined to remain here as a nation with its own character and its own mission Die Transvaler, Eiselen and the territorial zoning of the Bantu people.

Whenever different spheres clash, to compel mutual regard for the boundary-lines of each. Shirokogoroffs parameter on ethnos theory was confined to ethnos as a process of relationships between groups Booyens, Turfloop, University of the North.

Eiselen promoted the idea that it is imperative and should possibly be compulsory that the Bantu people in particular learn their own languages. As stated in the Senate Debates:.

Techniques of signification, or linguistic techniques, are quite familiar to us and refer to certain rhetorical styles or institutionalised ways of speaking or writing. Foucault distinguishes three major types of techniques that can be used in a genealogical analysis approach: However, he accepted official positions such as that of Chief Native Inspector in Transvaal and Secretary of the Department of Bantu Administration and Development and was also as a member ofthe Broederbond.

My attempt to understand the ideology underlying Eiselen’s academic stance and convictions is based on his interpretation of the ethnos theory. If there were to be an influx of black, highly skilled laborers, white industrial employment would ultimately be threatened, for blacks were much less expensive to employ than commisssion white European laborer.

Eiselen Commission

Such other aspects of Native education as may be related to the preceding. Inleiding tot die algemene volkekunde. The importance of enhancing culture through the mother tongue in Transvaal was promoted by Eiselen as a Chief Inspector of Native Education. The first term of commision established by the commission and which reflected the intent of the government stated that:. Societies with strong cultures of learning involve education in many different realms of society, not just in the school system.


In some instances, Eiselen observed that different denominational comission existed and that there was an unsystematic distribution of physical resources. Two lectures at Dartmouth. Inleiding tot die Algemene Volkekunde.

Eiselen report Paper

In his project on separation of the Bantu people predominantly on the basis of eiseln difference, Eiselen did not consider these factors. In his exposition of the esielen theory, Shirokogoroff did not refer to ethnos as ethnic groups themselves but referred to ethnos as designating a process in which groups are involved Shirokogoroff, Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website.

At eisrlen time of apartheid there were many languages spoken throughout the black community, and each area spoke one of now eleven official languages. Cultures that value education place high importance on having a sturdy education system and are considered to have strong cultures of learning.

Duitse Sendingwerk in Suid-Afrika en die Bantoevolkseie. By using eiwelen site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Historians are usually trapped in a stance in which they fail to acknowledge the personal motives or circumstances surrounding prominent historical figures within the context that shaped their intellectual, political and social development.

The Confession of the Flesh. Although “Volkekunde” as a teaching subject was introduced at one Afrikaans university in the s, it did not spread widely until the s.

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During the two decades South Africa underwent considerable economic expansion. As stated, Dr Eiselen fulfilled a number of official portfolios: In all these capacities he made official pronouncements. This article discusses the philosophical ideology advocated and promoted by the academic, commssion and politician, Dr WWM Eiselen, during different periods of history in South Africa.

Abraham Kuyper’s Legacy for the twenty first century.