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Super star architects arrive to the Caribbean, specifically to Dellis Cay, a acre island at the Turks & Caicos archipielago. The project, set to. Dellis Cay is an impressive luxury lifestyle private island. It is a secluded acre island in the Turks & Calicos archipelago. Imagine pristine. CORRECTING and REPLACING Mandarin Oriental Dellis Cay Experience Auctioned off for Charity at Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco.

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Dellis Cay

This cay is currently uninhabited, and does not have any finished hotels or residents. Generous openings in every pavilion consciously frame the surrounding ocean views.

Dellis Cay is a acre 2. The achievement of dellos is built on a flawless grasp of detail, and in the Great Room, where the cxy design finds its center of gravity, the discerning hand of Carl Ettensperger is evident in every feature.

Sisala fibrous agave exported to make rope and raised on almost every major island in the country, became unviable to raise due to the invention of plastic fibres. Resident owners will be treated as permanent guests of the hotel, celebrated for its legendary service.

Initially, sponges were harvested directly from the reefs surrounding the Caicos Islands, yet they were overfished and became depleted within decades. Most recently she won an international competition to design the proposed Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Vilnius, scheduled to open in Over Water Villas Dellis Cay. The ruins of the Dellis Cay Project today. As is the case with many of the islands in the area, the entire southern side of Dellis Cay consists of wetlands.

Residential owners can relax in the knowledge that deklis will be permanent guests of Mandarin Oriental, free to relax and enjoy every moment of their day.


The outdoor dining space descends to a deck that cah floats on the water to create a docking area and direct access to ocean swimming. Back on dry land every pursuit can be catered for, every activity arranged. The cay was named in the late s after Grecian John Dellis. File nO-H and CD Dellis Cay offers unparalleled opportunities for pure relaxation; a world of endless leisure or vigorous activity depending on your mood.

Together with the Ocean Pavilion, Maison S totals a floor area of 7, square feet, which includes 3, square feet of terraces and 3, square feet of living space.

The pavilions each serve their specific purpose: The 2, square foot pavilion is linked to the main villa by a private bridge from the beach.

Positioned to take full advantage of the sea breezes and ocean views, it will include a restaurant, bar, private dining room, boutique shop, cinema, business center, cigar room and library. The work of his studio is infused with a spirit of simplicity and a commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s unclear if or when construction may resume. The terrain of Dellis Cay consists mainly of xay sandy soil, and low marine sedimentary stone bluffs.

You are limited only by your imagination. The design of the Over Water Villas makes a functional and aesthetic unity of three connected elements: A graduate of Art Center College of Design in California, he exhibits an unwavering commitment to producing innovative, world-class designs.

Obtain the cau report required by federal law and read it before signing anything. To create them, the simple geometries of an Asian fishing village have been painstakingly re-imagined and dellis designed into their surrounds: This resort scheme was part of the luxury Mandarin Oriental Dellis Cay Project and the future of development on the island is unsure. Inexpert skin diver John Dellis moved to the Turks and Caicos from the island of Hydra in Greece to begin the sponging industry in the islands.


The two bedrooms and living area open out completely into the outdoor spaces, enabling the creation of a perfect balance between interior and exterior living.

The images and floorplans depicted herein are conceptual renderings based on current development plans which are subject to change without notice. Spaces for relaxation, entertaining and water-borne activities are all built into the ocean frontage of the villas.

In years, the sponges would be large enough to harvest, after which they would be cut, dried, and exported. Overview Maison S The sinuous curves of Maison S project a futuristic, organic outline that wraps round a circular reflecting pond before opening out towards the angled swimming pool and the powder-blue sea beyond. The arrangement of light oak sliding pocket side doors and an entirely openable front on the seaward side dissolve the bounds of enclosure at whim, while gaining every possible benefit from the cooling breath of the tradewinds.

Dellis Cay – Wikipedia

All facilities are currently proposed only. The Ocean Pavilion functions as either deluxe guest accommodation or personal sanctuary. Unfortunately, due to the caustic marine environment, the xellis structures are likely unsalvageable, and will probably have to be demolished for future development to occur. Together, Maison H and the Ocean Pavilion total 7, square feet of space. The exquisite beach at Dellis Cay. Ban has designed over 40 private villas around vellis world, reworking the classic glass pavilion and breathing new life into the modernist aesthetic.

Whether you want activity, adventure or simply peace and quiet, Dellis Cay provides an unspoilt natural environment in which to indulge yourself.