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Aberrant dpdf – ForteStudios Films. Views. 5 years ago. Quantum, · Bonus, · Novas, · Nova, · Aberrant, · Superhuman, · Utopia, · Feat. Aberrant was originally a white wolf game keyed off the storyteller engine, so porting it to d20 would cause some weirdness. Is there a reason. The original Aberrant product line was discontinued in , though a d20 System version was released in ” Source: Wikipedia, “Aberrant”, available.

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I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it, never have, never will. Now I aberant inclined aberrany pick up all three, just for the potential time-spanning adventures!

Posted July 12, Background Feats just like in Adventure! If you ignore multi-classing and feats, then yeah, there’s no flexibility:: As a nova’s ability to touch the quantum fabric of the world grows, he begins to experience Taintthe side effects of channelling larger amounts of energy. Level 1 powers are comparatively weak, while level 6 powers can do nearly anything one level 6 power is ‘Universe Creation’. But thats just my humble opinion.

THere is mroe flexability in that agerrant then in the other systems it is free off their web site if you wanna see. Tell me about the world.

Taint is the ‘non-humanness’ side of quantum manipulation and at higher levels novas begin to show either physical or mental defects. Wednesday, aberant February, This penalises any character who doesn’t gain the Template at level 1. No Web Links Found. Unlike Quantum Knacks in Adventure! You can only create a real “Batman” without Mega Attributes and Quantum Powers to get the Backgrounds you need or you spend your slots for power Results 1 to 10 of Is it just me or is there something wrong with the idea that a 10th level abby should be about as strong as a 10th level psion, or warrior, or whatever?


Aberrant (d20 Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

Quite a few from the ST version agerrant make it notably most of the Social Enhancementsbut that doesn’t appear to be any great loss, as much of the slack is taken up in other ways e.

What more do you need?

They are two different flavours of play, yes – but in many ways the D20 version actually simulates the setting better – a Nova has no upper limits on his power – he can, truly, be said to have the potential to gain the power of a god.

Posted July 23, It’s also part of a trilogy of settings – Adventure! Unless you use 2d0 lvl 4 or lvl 6 powers.

So, it’s no surprise that D20 Aberrant characters start off very low-powered compared to ST Aberrant characters – it’s just a function of the system that can’t be avoided. The player can aberant each turn which way to use his Mega-Attribute, and can even split the points between the two ways. They’ve gone from punching through inch thick steel walls and tossing about tanks, lifting mountains, creating massively destructive bolts of energy, and so on from the get-go, to wimps that with mega-str and lifter enhancement couldn’t, even min-maxed with lots of aberrant levels and such at level 20, lift as much as an ST nova with mega-str 1 and the lifter enhacement and node 1.

Aberrant d20, hardback roleplaying game

I got the book and it seemed to me, as they made Aberrant a low power setting. One last possible way to fix the ‘Batman’ type character issue is to just buy up the Resources Background Feats, then have him purchase all the other stuff Sanctum, Quamtum Devices, etc. The time now is Third, Dramatic Abereant has been included, but again copied directly – however, Novas gain vastly more power points than Inspired characters – so now Novas can Dramatic Edit much, much, more than their Adventure!


Shape-shifters and elemental masters seem really screwed. Tell me about the world, a bit about character creation, the powers, combat and how it generally differs from Mutants and Masterminds. I thought the whole point of Aberrant was the that there aberarnt all these people appearing with all these ridiculous powers, even from the moment they erupt, and that there are certain trade-offs between taint and power, but not necessarily for everyone. It has been aberrnat support, aberrabt and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

Here is the original: I dont know that much about it, heck I dont zberrant anything about it, except that it has a non D20 predecessor. There are a wide range of powers from controlling any single element fire, gravity, entropy, quantum, magnetism, etc Assuming Quickness can be purchased many times, then it became far too deadly for the d20 system if they’re trying to keep Aberrant a mid-level supers game.

Thanks for the info SWBaxter. Aberrant Template, anyone got one? Add a copy to your collection.