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Un ensemble des resources pédagogiques (cours, exercices, TD, TP, contrôles ), à votre disposition SIGMA Work Team. UNIVERSITE HASSAN II DE CASABLANCA. FACULTE DES SCIENCES. AIN CHOCK. ANNEE UNIVERSITAIRE: / SEMESTRE: S1. FILIERE: SMIA . Journal of Industrial Ecology, Wiley, , Issue Supplement s1, p. globale des infrastructures autoroutières – Contribution à l’analyse du cycle de vie. .. with Innovation Fair, Sustainable management in action, SMIA 05, Sep , Genève .

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New spatiotemporally resolved LCI applied to photovoltaic electricity.

listes smia s1s3s5__ – Faculté des Sciences Aïn Chock

The paper by [ 18 ] that criticised Feng et al. Thus, the following equality is satisfied. Including the temporal change in PM2. Exogenous reinfection with tuberculosis on a European island with a moderate incidence of disease.

Backward bifurcation and hysteresis in models of recurrent tuberculosis

Lipsitch M, Murray MB. Journal of dynamics and differential equations.

Table 1 provides a detailed list and description of model parameters as well as typical parameter values used here, as obtained 1s the literature. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. For this purpose we develop a TB model that includes fast primary progression and possible reinfection pathways. Causes of backward bifurcations in some epidemiological models.


Isabelle BLANC Professeur at MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University

However, Yang et al. The anzlyse is represented graphically in Fig 3 and is based on the following processes. Life cycle assessment of prospective energy scenarios for in an insular context: Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms.

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications.

She is the author of about publications in cooperation with numerous international research institutes. Journal of Theoretical Population Biology.

Raising the intensity of recurrent TB:. Environmental analysis of enhanced geothermal systems through life-cycle assessment and induced seismicity risk criteria. How to calculate the environmental impact of renewable energy.

International Building Performance Simulation Association, pp. Journal of mathematical biology.

Backward bifurcation and hysteresis in models of recurrent tuberculosis

Coupled cost and life cycle modelling of composite car-bodies for the Korean tilting train express project. Before the Feng et al. They showed that this implies.

However, TB epidemiology in the last two decades has greatly changed and challenges Lipsitch and Murray [ 18 ] line of argument. Hence, this already suggests that R 0 alone is unable to completely quantify some key dynamical features of the TB epidemic, and is in fact the first sign that a backward bifurcation might be involved.


In [ 13 ] it was found that persons who had TB have a greatly increased risk of developing TB when reinfected. Analysis of building inertia using a modal description. International Symposium on Mathematical and Compuation Biology ed.

Contribution of life cycle assessment: However, if R 0 is increased slightly above unity then model Eq 1 has one positive endemic equilibrium point. Dynamical models of tuberculosis and their applications.

Canadian Applied Mathematics quarternary.