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Vega® X7 is a high-performance system at the cutting-edge of set-top technology . It is ideal for medium and large-sized videoconferencing sessions Aethra. TEST AETHRA VEGA X7. PDF-version (optimized for print). GENERAL. Period. Aethra Vega X7 was tested in the VCC from July Our testing system . Aethra Vega X7 Use and installation manual 2 Aethra Vega X7 Use and installation manual 3 Welcome Thank you for choosing a AETHRA® SpA. Product.

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To select an option from a drop-down menu, it is necessary to go to aehtra menu itself, press OK, select the desired option by means of the remote control arrows and press OK. To enable this function: Ready to upgrade simply by adding different cards.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

Would you give up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle? In order to have perfect synchronization between audio and video, it is necessary to adjust these parameters vgea to the connection type.

Obtain the following information: Choose desired MultiConference type: Select the desired letter by moving the cursor over it, and pressing OK. Show active speaker video flow.

Therefore, starting with an audio port number, it is implied that the audio data will be sent to this port number, video data will be sent to the audio port number plus two, and the odd port numbers before and after the video port will be used for RTP data.


Once the connection has been established, NetMeeting 3. Move to the desired input and press OK, a window will appear where you can: Check that the system can be reached using PING. Access to the web page Start a web browser on your PC.

Aethra Vega X7 Use And Installation Manual

To avoid malfunctioning, wait at least 2 hours before connecting the device to the main power supply. Access to the web page Start a web browser on your PC. With the correct disposal of this equipment, you will help prevent any potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate handling of this product.

Data channel rate optimization to RS rate and connection speed.

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ON indicates that the signal is managed OFF indicates that the signal is not managed. ISDN network interface option In this section you can: If there is only one monitor, the user can switch between the Enter the number or user alias the H.

Connect the power supply. Data channel optimization, with both audio and video active. The encryption status can be checked on the status bar.

For a correct operation, files must be extract to a PC folder. To reselect a called number aetjra the CALL remote control key twice. With MCU on and various connected terminals, is possible to choose disposition and how many video flows should be displayed.


Never remove the mains plug while the device is connected. Connecting the necessary components is quickly done. Views View Edit History. System Diagnostics Finally, it is possible to generate a tone Tone Loc.

Aethra Video Conferencing Products and Solutions

Because new protocols are continually being developed, ALG software must be updated frequently. Argy, ‘Poke Her Flat’: Date and Time, selected camera, channel status, charges, and awthra channel. Outputs In this page you can configure audio flows sent to the System Audio outputs. Page of Go. This equipment will be inoperable when the mains power fails. Check that there are no objects close to the microphone.

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Dial the Gateway number, the delimiter and the TCS4 extension. S7 modifications and save them To erase an entry in the phonebook: Don’t have an account? Note that some configuration parameters can be modified only when no connection is active. This disposition enables Continuous Presence Active 2 Terminals speaker does not see its video.